Charna E. Sherman
“The past places no absolute limit on the future.”
— Lin-Manuel Miranda

Only with the achievement of mid-life have I reaped the cherished prize of confident clarity: the illuminating perspective that all my life I have been joyfully immersed in, inspired by and empowered by art. Thus, my passions are:

Law., Producing successful, high-stakes theater in courtrooms across the country.

Arts., Championing cultural institutions who transform us and our world.

Women., Pursuing a palette of initiatives to change how we paint, sculpt, depict, truly see and interact with women in our society.

And through all these collective lenses, I can now not just see, but am curating my life's compositions by embracing anew Hamilton's legacy of turn[ing] the world upside down.

Charna Unlimited., Flying High., Defying Gravity., Turning the World Upside Down.,